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March 2013 Archives

Jury awards full custody of sons, partial custody of daughter to Deion Sanders

The child custody battle between former Dallas Cowboy professional football player Deion Sanders and his soon-to-be ex-wife recently came to an end after two weeks of heated testimony. Eleven members of a jury awarded Mr. Sanders primary custody and legal responsibility of his 13- and 11-year-old boys. He and his ex-wife will share custody and legal responsibility of their 9-year-old daughter, but he has the right to decide where she resides. One juror voted against the decision. Mr. Sanders expressed his happiness with the decision as he explained that he just wanted the best for his children. His attorney added that the jurors did not believe accusations of child abuse against Mr. Sanders. There were also suggestions that his estranged wife worked as a phone sex operator.

Info for older couples planning to divorce

As the average age of North Carolina residents, and Americans in general, increases, so does the instance of divorce occurring among older couples. In 1990, approximately one out of every eight divorces was between spouses age 50 or older. According to a recent study, that number increased to one in every four divorces in 2009. A divorce between older spouses involves different issues than with younger couples. Divorce between younger couples tends to focus more on children who are minors than retirement. In addition, it is more difficult for an older person to recover retirement savings and other assets that are depleted due to a divorce. There are, however, a few things that older persons nearing retirement can do to make the divorce process go more smoothly. 

Atlanta mother claims Michael Jordan fathered her son

North Carolina residents who follow celebrity news may have heard about the Atlanta woman who claims that she has a son fathered by Michael Jordan 16 years ago; she has recently filed a lawsuit against the former NBA star. Court documents indicate that she had sex with Jordan, the owner of the Charlotte Bobcats, during his marriage to his ex-wife in 1995, and their son was born in 1996. She gave the boy the basketball legend's last name as one of his middle names. She is now asking for child support and medical expenses, and she additionally wants the teen's last name changed to match Jordan's Mr. Jordan was married to his wife of 17 years at the time the woman claims he fathered her son, but that marriage dissolved in 2006. The couple has three children. Mr. Jordan is now engaged and has recently bought a home on Lake Norman.

Religion may be a sensitive topic of divorce

When parents decide to go through a divorce, they might be having a difficult time understanding how their marriage came to an end. They might look at the differences in beliefs between them and their soon-to-be ex-spouse and wonder if that contributed to their marriage ending. Children of parents, who are religious, might also look at their own belief and question their religion and its role in their parent's marriage.

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