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May 2013 Archives

Mom has son arrested for petty theft

A woman from Charlotte called the cops and had her son arrested for stealing. In a different type of family law issue, the Charlotte woman reported her son as the thief of her Pop-Tarts.

De-gendering alimony in divorce

North Carolina residents might be interested to hear that the traditional roles that have ruled marriage and divorce have begun to shift throughout the years. Traditionally, alimony was designed to compensate the wife for giving up her earning power to support her husband's career and care for the home and family. It offered her economic stability in the aftermath of a failed marriage.

Divorce and asset division

When a couple in North Carolina decides to get a divorce, they will have to split their assets up. This seems like a straightforward process, but dividing assets during a divorce can be complicated because determining the value of some assets can be difficult or up to debate. When a couple has to split up a bank account, they can simply divide it down the middle. However, retirement accounts, investments and life insurance policies cannot always be easily cut in half.

Saving for the kids

Many North Carolina couples are saving so that their children can go to college without ending up with enormous debt. However, if a couple gets a divorce, it can lead to confusion about how to continue funding their children's education. It is often a good idea for people to determine how college savings accounts will be handled during a divorce so there isn't an issue further down the road about who is supposed to do what.

Prenups offer most couples a way to avoid future heartbreak

Many couples nationwide, including those in North Carolina, may assume that prenuptial agreements are only for the rich. Nevertheless, couples who do not have much money when they marry can benefit from one if they later divorce. A prenuptial agreement can protect the future earnings of a spouse who starts a new career or business. A prenup can also protect a spouse from the debts of the other spouse, from such things as student debt or more liberal spending habits. An agreement can stipulate that each spouse is responsible for their own debts and entitled to their own assets in a divorce by keeping them as separate property, according to family law experts. Although discussing divorce before a marriage might not seem romantic, it can save significant time and money in legal fees during a divorce. In addition, when a spouse has children from a previous relationship, a prenup can establish that certain assets go to them that would normally go to a spouse in the event of death.

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