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July 2014 Archives

Parents face charges for social media posts

North Carolina parents who are struggling to collect child support payments may be interested to learn that several noncustodial parents are facing charges after their posts on social media suggested that they had more money than they had claimed. Allegedly, social media investigation revealed that one parent even purchased a music studio rather than pay child support.

Potential pitfalls of splitting home in a divorce

Unhappily married individuals in North Carolina and across the nation who own homes with their spouses may wish to know about some issues that can arise from splitting that particular during a divorce. Additionally, a former marital home can cause problems for an individual even after the marriage has ended.

Retirement assets might be overlooked in divorce cases

A common way to prepare for divorce is to catalogue assets that were acquired during the marriage, and then consider which assets each person wants. Spouses in Greenville, North Carolina, might benefit from aggressively going after retirement assets in their partner's names, something that many people don't pursue. In fact, a survey of 546 divorcees conducted by Securian Financial Group found that 31 percent of participants were unaware that spouses can seek retirement benefits in a divorce.

Former Dodgers owner favored by judge in contested divorce case

Greenville Dodgers fans likely know the name Frank McCourt, the man who owned the team until 2012. The Dodgers sold that year for more than $2 billion. Also in 2012, Frank McCourt and his wife of roughly thirty years got a divorce. McCourt's ex-wife then contested their divorce settlement agreement, an action that bound her to reimburse her ex-husband for his legal fees according to the language of the settlement. Her attorneys argued that the amount sought by McCourt, nearly $2 million, was excessive, but a superior court judge ruled in favor of the former Dodgers owner on June 24, 2014.

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