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September 2015 Archives

Actress and former fiance compromise on child custody settlement

A bitter child custody battle between actress Uma Thurman and her one-time fiance French billionaire Arpad Busson finally came to an end earlier this month. The judge presiding over the proceeding praised the two on their ability to finally work out an equitable child custody settlement. The judge concluded his remarks by saying the former couple compromised in order to ensure the happiness of their three-year-old daughter.

Family law and terminating parental rights in North Carolina

Directing the custody, care and control of the children is a constitutionally protected parental civil right in North Carolina and all other states. However, these parental rights come with parental responsibilities as well. If parents fail to meet the responsibilities associated with raising and protecting children, parental rights could be challenged, and in some cases terminated altogether.

Understanding Trusts

David Silver teaches The Legal Environment of Business in ECU's Department of Finance. Dave is also a Partner with The Graham.Nuckolls.Conner Law Firm in Greenville, NC, concentrating in Elder Law

The possible benefits of North Carolina's separation period

For many North Carolina residents, the prospect of the state's requirement of living apart for 12 months before divorcing seems intolerable. Most people would like to get the divorce over and put it all behind them. However, the 12-month separation period can be used for good in some cases. By choosing to see the possible benefits instead of the disadvantages, you could save your sanity while also getting as well prepared as possible for your upcoming divorce.

How can the state help with child support nonpayment?

In North Carolina, every parent holds the responsibility of financially caring for his or her children. In most cases, this happens naturally when families are intact and the parents are married to one another. However, if or when divorce becomes an issue, the state's family law courts may need to intervene on behalf of the children.

Handling legal actions only part of a divorce lawyer's role

Ending a marriage is nearly always an emotional experience for all involved. Spouses must learn how to live without the person they are most accustomed to and children must adjust to vastly different family dynamics. Even extended family members can be affected, experiencing feelings of loss or anger. Sometimes, the last thing on the minds of divorcing spouses is the legal proceedings getting a divorce in North Carolina requires.

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