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You once loved your ex. Would you start a business with them now?

For many people, getting a divorce seems to kill any scrap of admiration or respect you once had for your ex. When you have kids together, though, you have to find your way past that in the interest or your children.

"Co-parenting may not require friendship right away," says Wanda Bass, a divorced mother of two, "but it does require cooperation in order for your children to grow up in a socially healthy environment."

It wasn't always easy for Wanda to co-parent with her ex-husband Ken. Just like a lot of people, they had a hard time talking without fighting, and it was making it extremely difficult to raise their sons positively.

Isn't there a greeting card to help my ex remember that 'it's not about us'?

You both know that your children's health and happiness will be fundamentally shaped by how you raise them. Neither of you wants the kids to suffer from the tension between you. It would all be so much easier if you could remind your ex to put the kids first -- but the minute you do, they take it as an insult and challenge.

It's really too bad that the greeting card companies haven't taken a whack at this little communication problem. Unfortunately, greeting card companies still live in an imaginary universe where "mother" automatically implies "wife" and "father" implies "husband." It's infuriating!

But wait: Xcards comes to the rescue

When Wanda and Ken couldn't communicate, each one separately had the idea of buying a greeting card to help. As you might expect, they didn't find a single one expressing support for a co-parent. Baffled, the divorced couple made the interesting choice of partnering up again -- as businesspeople.

Together the founded Xcards, a greeting card company serving the rest of America -- families in which the parents are divorced. Xcards produces cards for Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays, Christmas and more, even graduation cards for stepchildren.

Scientists will tell you that solving a shared problem can help build trust. Many exes wouldn't be able to build a successful business together, but it seems to have worked out for Ken and Wanda.

"Our sons are just as excited as we are about the positive impact Xcards can have on families," Wanda says. "Attitude really is everything. The amount of time spent fighting as parents is counterproductive. Instead, try engaging."

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