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April 2017 Archives

What is a 'modification' in North Carolina child support?

It is the policy of the state of North Carolina that children should be supported by the incomes and talents of their parents. To this end, the state, like the rest of the country, has adopted a uniform method of calculating child support amounts to be paid by people who no longer reside with their children due to divorce or circumstances surrounding a non-marital relationship. Once ordered to pay a child support obligation by a North Carolina court, failure to pay can result in enforcement actions being taken against the non-custodial parent (NCP).

What is "sole" and "joint" child custody in North Carolina?

Perhaps the hardest part of a divorce or non-marital paternity case is determining how to divide the time parents can spend with their children. When two separate households are involved, it is often the case that some compromises will have to be made and that no one party will be given everything he or she wishes for. However, the more parents can work together to find common ground, the better the chances of both being satisfied with the child custody arrangements.

What is 'pre-placement assessment' in a North Carolina adoption?

Having a family is a goal to which many North Carolina residents aspire. While, traditionally speaking, fulfilling this dream involves having one's own biological children, more and more individuals are opting to adopt for one reason or another. Many times this decision is fueled by a desire to help kids who have lost their own families, and unfortunately, there are many children who fit this description throughout the state and the country. We previously discussed who is eligible to file for adoption, and today we will talk about one step in the process, the 'pre-placement assessment,' also sometimes called a 'home study.'

What is 'contempt' in North Carolina child support cases?

The duty of parents to provide financial support for their children is one that is enshrined in both North Carolina and federal law. Because parents are responsible for the existence of a child, they must be held accountable for the care and maintenance of him or her. Thus, when a couple with children splits up, either through a divorce or simply by ceasing to live together, the state can step in and require the parent who is not living with the child to contribute to the child's maintenance by ordering child support payments.

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