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June 2017 Archives

What is deviation from child support guidelines in NC?

The legal system is, by its nature, a system of rules. It has rules about who can file lawsuits and motions, where they can be filed, and even, in some instances, what color paper needs to be used. The family court system in North Carolina is no different. There are numerous laws, both state and federal, that govern the interactions of spouses and other family members when a divorce or other proceeding, like the establishment of a child support obligation, is pending. The purpose of all these rules is, in general, to make things fair so that parties are treated under the same set of guidelines.

The best way to handle child custody issues is with respect

Most North Carolina parents see their children as a blessing and only want what is best for them. They will also go out of their way to protect their kids from harm, be it physical or emotional. As a result, many parents are willing to put their children's well-being ahead of their own. Unfortunately, sometimes a situation between two adults becomes untenable, and a separation or divorce is the best course of action for everyone involved in the long run, even if the kids may be confused and upset by it. When this occurs, it is important that parents remember the kids when they deal with potentially contentious issues such as custody and visitation.

There's no one type of North Carolina adoption

When North Carolina residents think about adoption, it is likely that their minds turn to an infant who has no parents and a kindly couple willing to take the child in as their own. While this scenario certainly describes some adoptions, it does not do justice to the depth and breadth of adoption experiences had by people in the modern United States. There are many reasons for adoption, and many ways it can help families that need to have some legal certainty with regard to domestic relationships.

Is there a maximum amount of child support in NC?

As the old saying goes: "children are our future." Because of this, society tends to do what it can to look out for children and make sure, as much as possible, that they are cared and provided for. One way that it does this is by enforcing the concept that children be supported by the endeavors of their parents. The main method the state of North Carolina uses to enact this policy is the use of court ordered child support payments when couples no longer reside together with the children.

Why have a lawyer in child custody mediation?

Most North Carolinians have probably heard of mediation, if only in the news or on legal television shows. They might also understand that it is considered an 'alternative dispute resolution method.' This method, which provides an alternative to litigation, is often used in family law cases like divorce and child custody. There may be a few reasons why mediation might be a good option in certain cases, but one should always understand that using such an alternative process without legal advice might not be a great idea.

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