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November 2017 Archives

Many forms of income may be withheld to pay child support

Parents who are obligated to pay child support for the benefit of their kids know how important it is that those payments be made on time and in full. When a parent fails to abide by the terms of their child support agreement or order, they may face significant penalties for their delinquencies. One of those penalties is the withholding of any income they may receive from a variety of sources.

Virtual visitation may be an option in your parenting plan

An increasingly large amount of a Greenville resident's life may be impacted by technology. For example, a person can order their coffee from an app on their smartphone, have an online doctor's appointment with their physician over their computer, and may even hold down a job from a remote location all through the effective use of communication platforms.

Do kids have any say regarding whether they will be adopted?

Adoption can be a very meaningful process for both prospective parents and the children they hope to bring into their families. Often when an individual or couple decides that they want to adopt, they dedicate their heart and soul to making the process successful and transitioning their child into an environment of love and support. All across North Carolina, parents have successfully completed domestic and international adoptions to expand their families and fill their homes with love.

During divorce, get help and make kids a priority

Ending a marriage is stressful and emotionally taxing. Even when the parties to the divorce agree that terminating their marriage is the right decision it can be very hard on North Carolina residents to make the many difficult decisions that must be worked through in order to separate their lives from those of their spouses. There are steps that they can take, though, that can ease the burden of divorce and can help divorcing parents make their children's well-beings priorities in their divorce proceedings.

Custodial interference can put a strain on parenting plans

In a perfect world every parent who must share time with their kids with their ex-partner would follow the terms of their custody agreement or order to the specific letter of the document. No parent would drop their child off late during a hand-off and no parent would attempt to sway the feelings of their child away from the child's other custodial parent. Sadly, it is not a perfect world and North Carolina parents who have had to put up with conflicts over the terms of their custody documents understand how easy it can be for a parent to interfere with the other parent's time with the kids.

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