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Child Support Archives

Is there a maximum amount of child support in NC?

As the old saying goes: "children are our future." Because of this, society tends to do what it can to look out for children and make sure, as much as possible, that they are cared and provided for. One way that it does this is by enforcing the concept that children be supported by the endeavors of their parents. The main method the state of North Carolina uses to enact this policy is the use of court ordered child support payments when couples no longer reside together with the children.

Does NC child support include medical insurance?

The topic of healthcare has been a hot one lately. As the federal government and its warring political parties fight over how the country's massive healthcare system should be run, North Carolina residents continue to do what they can to provide good lives for themselves and their children. One of the aspects of this provision is maintaining the health of these minors so that they can grow into responsible adults.

What is a 'modification' in North Carolina child support?

It is the policy of the state of North Carolina that children should be supported by the incomes and talents of their parents. To this end, the state, like the rest of the country, has adopted a uniform method of calculating child support amounts to be paid by people who no longer reside with their children due to divorce or circumstances surrounding a non-marital relationship. Once ordered to pay a child support obligation by a North Carolina court, failure to pay can result in enforcement actions being taken against the non-custodial parent (NCP).

What is 'contempt' in North Carolina child support cases?

The duty of parents to provide financial support for their children is one that is enshrined in both North Carolina and federal law. Because parents are responsible for the existence of a child, they must be held accountable for the care and maintenance of him or her. Thus, when a couple with children splits up, either through a divorce or simply by ceasing to live together, the state can step in and require the parent who is not living with the child to contribute to the child's maintenance by ordering child support payments.

How will child support be determined in my case?

Since we brought our children into this world, we have an obligation to make sure they have everything they need to thrive. While you're married, that's an easy thing to do. You have a conversation about what the child needs and you buy it together. In a divorce, a mediator or the courts will help you decide these matters.

Everything You Need to Know About Child Support in North Carolina

After the conclusion of the divorce process, you and your partner are legally obligated to continue providing your kid’s financial needs. This is in the best interests of the child. Cases pertaining to child support in North Carolina are handled by the state’s Child Support Enforcement Program (CSE).

What is Child Support?

Child support is a very important component to many divorce settlements. It is also common in situations when the parents of a child are not involved in a romantic relationship and when one parent is refusing to make payments to support the child.

How can you seek out child support in North Carolina?

You may have recently decided to get a divorce, or maybe you've never been married to the mother or father of your child. Whatever the case may be, your child deserves to receive child support from the non-custodial parent. This support is there to enhance your child's life and to provide the support that two parents would provide if they lived together and raised the child in the same home.

President aims to reduce child support burden on inmates

For parents who are incarcerated, a new plan to reform child support payment rules could be beneficial. According to the news from Oct.16, the president has been looking at child support payments and how they become a crippling debt for those who are incarcerated.

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