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Many forms of income may be withheld to pay child support

Parents who are obligated to pay child support for the benefit of their kids know how important it is that those payments be made on time and in full. When a parent fails to abide by the terms of their child support agreement or order, they may face significant penalties for their delinquencies. One of those penalties is the withholding of any income they may receive from a variety of sources.

Enforcing an out-of-state child support order in North Carolina

Not that long ago Americans spent much of their lives living in the same communities where their parents grew up. It was not uncommon for individuals to stay near their places of birth for the entirety of their lives and raise their families in the same towns they grew up in. A lot has changed, though, and now many of the residents of North Carolina have moved into the state from other states as well as nations across the world.

What events end child support in North Carolina?

When a person brings a child into the world they are obligated to provide for that child financially as the youth grows into an adult. Generally, in North Carolina and many other jurisdictions throughout the country, a parent's child support obligation lasts until the child reaches the age of majority, which in North Carolina is 18 years of age. However, a child support obligation can end earlier if certain conditions are met.

Your child's financial needs may be met through child support

Children are a beautiful reminder of just how kind and unassuming the world can be. Children throughout North Carolina exhibit an innocence that, in some cases, is lost as age and experience teach them that they will have to face many challenges during their lifetimes. Many parents want to hold onto that goodness for as long as possible and seek to keep their kids well-cared for while they are still young.

Can the state take my tax return if I don't pay child support?

Parents who are ordered to pay child support are not being punished by the courts. In North Carolina courts mandate that noncustodial parents pay support for the care and maintenance of their kids so that those children receive the financial assistance necessary to lead productive, successful lives. However, when a parent elects not to pay a support obligation as ordered by the court, they may feel the effects of enforcement efforts in a number of ways.

Determining child support in a joint custody agreement

The decisions parents make today and in the future could impact the wellbeing of their child. This is especially true during divorce. Even when divorcing parents in North Carolina can come to an agreement on a custody arrangement, they must also address the financial needs of their children as well. Will they be able to cover the costs of raising their children independently, or will one parent need assistance to ensure these needs are met? This is where a decision on child support must be made or requested.

What is deviation from child support guidelines in NC?

The legal system is, by its nature, a system of rules. It has rules about who can file lawsuits and motions, where they can be filed, and even, in some instances, what color paper needs to be used. The family court system in North Carolina is no different. There are numerous laws, both state and federal, that govern the interactions of spouses and other family members when a divorce or other proceeding, like the establishment of a child support obligation, is pending. The purpose of all these rules is, in general, to make things fair so that parties are treated under the same set of guidelines.

Is there a maximum amount of child support in NC?

As the old saying goes: "children are our future." Because of this, society tends to do what it can to look out for children and make sure, as much as possible, that they are cared and provided for. One way that it does this is by enforcing the concept that children be supported by the endeavors of their parents. The main method the state of North Carolina uses to enact this policy is the use of court ordered child support payments when couples no longer reside together with the children.

Does NC child support include medical insurance?

The topic of healthcare has been a hot one lately. As the federal government and its warring political parties fight over how the country's massive healthcare system should be run, North Carolina residents continue to do what they can to provide good lives for themselves and their children. One of the aspects of this provision is maintaining the health of these minors so that they can grow into responsible adults.

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