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2 tips to avoid turning arguments into marriage-ending conflicts

You might be trying to decide if you want to go through a divorce, but you may also be considering counseling or ways to save your marriage. One thing you can do to help your marriage is to decide on different ways to approach arguments. Here are a couple ways that you can argue and come out feeling better about the conflict.

You can get help with divorce through mediation sessions

Divorce mediation might be right for you if you and your spouse are having a disagreement but can work together to get past it. Mediation can help you work through struggles with communication, so you can negotiate without standstills. Mediation helps with child custody, child support, alimony, property division and other factors of your divorce.

Divorce vs. annulment: Which one to choose

Annulments are not the same as divorces. In some ways, they act as divorces do, but they are defined differently. An annulment makes it appear that two people were never married to begin with, while a divorce is simply dissolving the marriage. Why would you want to choose this method for ending your marriage, and is it something you are entitled to do? Your attorney can help you find out if your marriage can be annulled, but here are a few examples of when one may be.

Divorce: Settling your case in North Carolina

When you decide to get a divorce, one of your main concerns may be when the divorce will actually be finalized. Many people have this question, and because each situation is different, the answer can also range from a few months to a few years down the line. The difference really comes down to how quickly you can settle your affairs and if you need to do so with help from the courts.

When can property splitting begin after separating from a spouse?

If you've just recently separated from your spouse, you'll need to live apart for around a year before you can begin the divorce process. This gives you some time to begin separating your finances and assets, but remember that your attorney can help you negotiate with your spouse ahead of your divorce, too.

Separation and divorce concerns can be addressed in court

Getting a divorce isn't normally what anyone expects after getting married, but when time passes, people change and goals alter. If you're seeking a divorce, it's important that you work with your attorney to make sure you put forward documents like parenting plans, information about your assets and more, so you can be sure you have the best chance of getting what you want out of your marriage.

Have same-sex marriages harmed traditional marriage?

Here's an interesting fact: The number of divorces in North Carolina fell dramatically after same-sex marriages were legalized. That is an interesting fact because of the way the media and conservatives suggested that legalizing same-sex marriages would hinder the rights of opposite-sex couples and hurt the institution of marriage. After many court battles and lawsuits, attorneys for same-sex marriage and the United States Supreme Court were able to legalize marriage equality throughout the country.

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