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Unpaid child support and an ex-spouse's government benefits

A custodial parent in North Carolina who is not receiving child support from an ex-spouse might wonder about whether Social Security benefits can be garnished. Some types of government benefits can be garnished, but others administered through Social Security cannot. In the case of SSI, Supplemental Security Income, for example, the benefit is viewed as a type of welfare and cannot be garnished. However, retirement or disability benefits that are not SSI-related could be.

The financial facts behind child support

North Carolina residents who find themselves negotiating child support issues might benefit from knowing the financial facts related to child support, as almost half of all custodial mothers and three-quarters of custodial fathers do not have legal child support agreements in place. The reasons for this vary and can be misunderstood. The one thing that becomes clear when the statistics are reviewed is that custodial mothers, whether they receive child support payments or not, seem to be at a financial disadvantage when compared to custodial fathers.

Some information about what child support covers

North Carolina parents may not be aware of the increasing misunderstanding about what child support can actually cover. While many are under the impression that it only covers basic necessities like clothing and food, the truth is that it is intended to cover a broader range of the child's needs. Some of these expenses include categories such as medical expenses, school-related fees and even entertainment.

Factors that determine child support in North Carolina

A mother and a father are both responsible for caring for their child, so when one of the parents has primary custody of a child, the other can generally expect to pay child support. When deciding the amount of support that the non-custodial parent pays, the court takes several factors into consideration.

Understanding North Carolina child support guidelines

North Carolina parents may be interested in an article discussing how the state determines what amount of child support is appropriate. The courts use several factors in determining an appropriate monthly payment, though some special cases may affect the usual guidelines.

Parents face charges for social media posts

North Carolina parents who are struggling to collect child support payments may be interested to learn that several noncustodial parents are facing charges after their posts on social media suggested that they had more money than they had claimed. Allegedly, social media investigation revealed that one parent even purchased a music studio rather than pay child support.

Father of Beyonce Knowles gets child support modification

North Carolina parents may be interested in the story of one celebrity father who has successfully lowered child support payments. The modification comes after the man's income was lowered significantly after his star daughter fired him.

Ludacris challenges increased child support request

Entertainer Ludacris has made the news recently because of a drawn-out legal conflict in Georgia with the biological mother of his daughter. The rapper claims that the child was conceived during a break with his long-term girlfriend, and the couple remains together in spite of the legal problems Ludacris is facing with the mother of his child. While the artist insists he is willing to pay child support to take care of his daughter, his legal team claims that the biological mother's request far exceeds what he can afford.

Delinquent child support payments

According to the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement, over $100 billion in back child support is owed by noncustodial parents in North Carolina and around the country. One problem is that if a parent owes child support but lacks any assets or other means to pay, there are not many methods to try to force payment. However, there are some ways to deal with the nonpaying parent that may seem counterintuitive but may result in payment progress.

The unexpected caregiver phase for many grandparents

A recent report revealed that an increasing number of grandparents have assumed the role of parenting for their grandchildren. Although the innate desire for grandparents is to love and nurture their grandchildren, many did not expect to acquire the majority of the responsibility for raising their grandchildren especially after raising their own children.

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