Estate Planning

What’s Up With All Of The Ads About Camp Lejeune?

You have probably noticed numerous advertisements and solicitations involving Camp Lejeune that have blanketed the area recently. While they may be irritating, the issue behind all of these advertisements most likely effect either your family or someone you care about or know. Whether it is for yourself or for one of your neighbors, everyone in...
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Estate Planning For Seniors: Senior Marriage, Unintended Consequences

Mom is in her 80’s and suddenly announces that she is going to get married. Even if you like her fiancé and are pleased that she has found happiness and companionship in her later years, it is natural to be worried about the potential consequences of the marriage. If you are the “mom” in this...
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VA Aid and Attendance

The government does not typically provide financial assistance to help pay for the cost of home care. If you or a loved one needs assistance for care at home, you either have to pay for it yourself or a family member will have to provide the care for free or you must do without and...
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Understanding Assisted Living

There are two main types of “nursing homes” in North Carolina. Skilled Nursing Facilities are nursing homes for people whose health has deteriorated to the point where they require care from a nurse. The other types are Assisted Living Facilities, which offer care to people who are unable to perform some of the activities of...
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Paying for a Nursing Home

While no one wants to end up in a nursing home, none of us are above having a stroke or getting hit by a bus. If you are over the age of 65 and require skilled nursing after a three night hospital stay, Medicare will pay for 20 days of rehabilitation, and most Medicare supplemental...
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Death and Taxes

In addition to the emotional difficulties of losing a loved one, the unfamiliarity of the nuts and bolts of handling the affairs of a deceased person often increases the stress and burden of dealing with a death. However, the tax implications of someone’s death is not nearly as burdensome nor complicated as many people imagine....
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Safeguards Against Elder Financial Abuse

Grandma goes to her banker or investment advisor and asks that $15,000.00 be used from her account to purchase a gift card. The financial professional suspects that grandma is the victim of a scam, but it is grandma’s money, grandma is insisting that this be done now, and she is adamant that no one must...
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Signing Legal Documents in Quarantine

We are all aware of the need to practice social distancing during this COVID-19 crisis, especially for those among us who are elderly, have pre-existing conditions, or otherwise have a higher risk of a severe outcome to the disease. However, there are some situations that make social distancing impossible, such as executing certain legal documents....
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Marriage, Death, Divorce & Your Social Security

While most people have a general idea about their own Social Security benefits, I have found that many are unsure or even unaware of the effect that marriage, divorce and a spouse’s death could potentially have upon a person’s eligibility for social security. A very quick summary of Social Security retirement benefits: To qualify for...
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Avoiding Probate

You may have heard that you should try to avoid probate. While this is generally a good idea, probate isn’t nearly as costly or burdensome in North Carolina as it is in some other states. In any case, it would be easier to avoid probate if you had a good understanding of it. Think of...
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