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Let part of your legacy be that of protecting the future of your loved ones.

A will is the starting point to assure proper distribution of your assets after death. Yet, there are many other decisions you must make and legally document. These documents will save your loved ones from uncertainty over your wishes in the case of an illness and after your death.

While it has a central purpose, a will has limited scope. There are other essential documents to consider. Power of attorney, living will, health care power of attorney, and other documents(4) will not only determine how your assets are distributed, but they will determine what medical care you receive if you become very ill and are unconscious or comatose.

Making these decisions when you are healthy can seem overwhelming because there are so many unknowns. You may wonder what the right answers are for questions and for situations you can’t foresee.

With The Graham, Nuckolls, Conner Law Firm, you will have the best guidance available. Our team has the knowledge to make sure you have reliable, accurate guidance about the law while you make your plans.

After a death, estate administration, otherwise known as probate, may take anywhere from several months to several years. We will help you to complete the process, ensure you have the time you need to make decisions, and offer abbreviated steps when appropriate.

Our clients benefit from the legacy of experience left by our founding attorney, Laurence S. Graham (1943-2012). He was a pioneer in the law and was among the first in the field to establish guidelines in elder law. We value his legacy.

For Medicaid planning, guardianships, and estate administration, along every aspect of legal representation you need as you organize your estate, our attorneys carry on this work to offer our clients the best, most accurate estate and elder law services.

The Graham, Nuckolls, Conner Law Firm helps you plan for life and beyond.

(4) (4) Power of attorney: Document granting a person the right to manage your estate after your death, or before your death if you become mentally incompetent.
Living will, health care power of attorney: These documents state your wishes for certain types of health care in the event you cannot be resuscitated or have suffered irreversible brain damage. They allow someone else to make medical choices on your behalf.
Probate: Validating a will, appraising the value of an estate, distributing assets, paying debts.

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